Camp Rotary Online Reservation Request Form

 The Rotary Scout Reservation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving a 200 acre wildlife refuge in Temple Hill, Ky. for the use of scouting and other youth group organizations serving today's children and generations to come.  To help defray the cost associated with utilities, maintenance and improvements, a $2 per person, per night, fee is requested for overnight stays. This fee is waived when campers complete a large, or several small, service project(s) during their visit or participates in the "Plant a tree, Stay for free" project. For more information, click on the "Volunteer at Camp Rotary" button or "Plant a tree" icon at the bottom of the previous page. Any individual, group or organization obtaining authorization to be at Camp Rotary does so with the understanding and agreement that they do so at their own risk. All administrative and financial activities are directed to the Board Treasurer. Mr. Ben Rogers Esq.  


 By clicking the Submit Request button, you agree that you have reviewed Camp Rotary policies and that all members of your group will abide by the same camp policies (shown below). Further, all visitors understand and agree their use of the camp is at their own risk. The Rotary Scout Reservation is not in any way responsible for visitor possessions, health, safety or well being. 


Camp Policies